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"In Search of Mishpocha – Creative Methods for Finding Unknown Cousins," presented by Lynn Diamond

Monday, June 12, 2023, at 7 PM PDT via Zoom
(Zoom doors open at 6:30 PM)

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Why look for distant living cousins when your goal is to research ancestors? Because newfound cousins can help to break open new lines of research and lead to discoveries of previously unknown ancestors. This talk by Lynn Diamond will provide you with many new ways to identify and connect with family members who may be able to provide information and records valuable to your ancestor research.


Lynn Diamond began researching her family tree 40 years ago when a great aunt’s mention of the family’s origins led her to the New York Public Library to find a 19th century map of Lithuania. In recent years, connecting with formerly unknown third and fourth cousins has enabled her to learn one grandmother’s maiden name, discover two completely unknown branches of her family, and find new connections to a Philadelphia branch of her father’s family. In this talk, Lynn will discuss easily available tools and methods to employ in your own search for living cousins and will use case studies to show you how to put it all together. Lynn will also discuss strategies for engaging your newfound cousins in your research and for fostering a dynamic family conversation.

Lynn serves as vice president of communications of the board of the Jewish Genealogy Society of New York (JGSNY) and is co-founder of Central Synagogue’s “Discover Your Roots” group. Before retiring from the practice of law and dedicating more time to her family research, Lynn regularly gave speeches and presentations to professional audiences.

September 11, 2023: TBD