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Here are some nifty tools and links to help in your research.

Ellis Island Database Search Engines

These One-Step search tools developed by Dr. Stephen Morse with assistance from Michael Tobias and Erik S. Steinmetz, will serve as a
valuable aid to the thousands of individuals researching their families who came through the Port of New York and Ellis Island between
1892-1924. Over 40% of Americans have ancestral records in the Ellis Island Database located at the American Family Immigration History Center(tm) at Ellis Island and online at

JewishGen and the Foundation will work together with the developers to ensure that these useful search engines and tools will be continuously available to the public. They are currently available at

EIDB-One step

Calendar Conversion Tool
Scott Lee's free on-line service for converting to/from dates in the Gregorian, Julian, and Hebrew calendars.

JewishGen® Soundex/Calender/Distance Calculator
This tool converts names to Daitch-Mokotoff (D-M) and National Archives soundex codes. It calculates dates to/from the Gregorian and Jewish calendars and calculates distance/direction between towns (kilometers and miles).

How to Read a Hebrew Tombstone

Genealogy Software Programs
Addresses of genealogical software programs

Relationship Chart
How are you related? Determine your/your direct line relationship to your common ancestor 

How to Figure a Birthdate

How To Figure a Birthdate

Remember this number:   8870

This is the number to remember when you want to find the birthdate of someone when you only have the date of death and their age!  How do you figure the birthdate?

Suppose the person died May 6, 1889........ (18890506), at the age of 71 years, 7 months, 9 days.........(710709)


Write the year, month, day as:



Subtract the age at death



This gives the figure:



Now subtract the #8870



The result is:


Year: 1817; 9th month (Sept); 27th day = 27 Sept. 1817

Source: Platte Co. MO Historical Genealogical Society


Shtetl Seeker
This database can help find your ancestral town.

Great map site for finding many little towns in the UK and Europe.

Social Security Death Index  
The Death Master File (DMF) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) contains over 59.7 million records created from SSA payment records. It contains the records of those for whom the lump sum death benefit was paid. That lump sum benefit could have been requested by a family member, an attorney, a mortuary, etc. Great way to find birth and death dates. Includes a template to print letters to the SSA. Stephen Morse's One-Step Web site allows you to search seven different SSDI sites.

Switchboard Address Finder  
Lookup residences, businesses, and e-mail addresses.
Lookup residences, businesses, and e-mail addresses.
Internet Address Finder  
Search the world for e-mail addresses.

The 1930 Federal Census
How to research the 1930 Census.


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