Special DNA Test Pricing

Family Tree DNA - Did you hit the end of the paper trail?

Have you ever wanted to try DNA testing? Well, wait no longer! JGSWS has partnered with Family Tree DNA to provide two benefits: Our members get a discount on DNA testing, and you help out our society in the process. To receive the special JGSWS discount, use this JGSWS link to Family Tree DNA or the image to the right. You will receive project pricing for your DNA tests (about 10% on most tests), and JGSWS will receive a commission on your order.

For more information about DNA testing and what it can do for your family history search, check out the handout from Mary Kozy's talk, "I've Had My DNA Tested... Now What?" on March 11, 2013. If you have further questions, please attend one of our meetings, and one of our members will try to answer them.

Family Tree DNA - Connect Family Branches